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Metro train project: LDA to deposit Rs13.17bn after property assessment

LAHORE: The District Price Assessment Committee (DPAC) has almost worked out the total cost of private residential and commercial land/property to be acquired for the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project, urging the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to deposit over Rs13.17 billion with the government treasury under head of “Revenue Deposit 3500/3501”.


The acquisition of the land under section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act 1894 is based on per marla cost in several urban mauzas/localities as assessed by the DPAC in the light of the district collector and market rates and location of the property. However, senior officials say those whose property is being acquired as per the rates assessed by the DPAC can be challenged through submitting applications with relevant record and evidence in the offices of district or additional district collectors of revenue.


“If anyone sees any problem with the per marla cost/assessment of his/her property, he/she can challenge this by submitting applications before the quarters concerned in the city district government,” Lahore Commissioner Abdullah Khan Sumbal told Dawn on Tuesday.


According to a document, the DPAC in its recent meeting assessed per marla cost of the residential and commercial property, situated near the stations or locality of Dera Gujran and Islam Park, Salamatpura, Mahmood Booti, Shalamar Gardens, Baghbanpura, UET, Sultanpura, Railway Station, Lahore Hotel, Lakshmi, Hall Road, Anarkali as Rs1.05 million, 1.25 million, 2 million, 2.5 million, 2.25 million, 1.5 million, 2.5 million, 2.6 million, 2.7 million and 3 million. The aforementioned areas/localities fall in the mauzas of Handoo Gujjran, Madsodanpura, Devipura, Baghbanpura, Achantgarh, Naulakha, Qila Gujjar Singh and Lahore Khas.


The property being acquired in the areas of Chauburji, between Chuburji and LOS, Gulshan-i-Ravi, Samanabad, after Samanabad, Yateem Khana, between Yateem Khana and Scheme Morr, Shahnoor, Sabzazaar, between Sabzazaar and Awan Town, Awan Town, Wahdat Road, Mansoora, Hanjarwal, Canal View and Thokar Niaz Baig has been assessed as Rs2.2 million, 2 million, 2.250 million and 1.5 million. These areas exist within the territorial/revenue jurisdiction of mauzas of Mozang, Nawan Kot, Pakki Thathi, Dholanwal, Saidpur, Kaharak, Kakezai and Niaz Baig.


The land/property existing in the aforementioned localities or mauazas is being acquired for the purposes of access to train stations and construction of an underground portion of the project from Jain Mandir to the point just before the intersection near the PTCL exchange.


The total 1,165 kanal and 15 marla include 731 kanal being acquired for the purposes of access to depot, stabling yard and electric sub stations. These electric stations will be erected/installed in order to provide uninterrupted electric supply for a continuous train operation on the track.


The properties being acquired exist in the mauzas of Kotli Ghasi, Handoo Gujjran, Bhagrian Syedian, Baghbanpura, Rakh Khamba, Amar Kot and Kharak and the per marla cost against the required property has been evaluated as Rs1.5 million, Rs50,000, Rs2 million, Rs500,000, Rs1 million, Rs160,000, Rs200,000 and Rs600,000.


“The people whose land is being acquired shouldn’t worry as the government is offering good compensation package to them as per market value of their property,” the commissioner said.

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