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DHA Lahore Most Expensive Real Estate

Most Expensive Commercial & Residential localities in Lahore:

Defence Housing Authority Lahore:

Lahore: is one of the historical & mega city of Pakistan and capital of province Punjab, Many investors from different city of the country do investment in Lahore Real Estate Sector,

Currently Commercial & residential areas of Lahore are showing a very high demand as compare with the other housing societies in Lahore. According to the market research done by MY Lands (real estate Consultant) in dha Lahore. DHA Lahore Phase 5 is one of the most expensive and desire able residential localities of DHA Lahore, whereas DHA Phase 6 Lahore is at 2nd number in residential localities. Prism 9 DHA Lahore Phase IX is one of the most desire able localities for investment.

Commercial units in developed phases (phase 1 to 5) are higher compared to the newly developed and currently under-development phases, but phase 6 is clear exception.  The average sale price of 4-Marla commercial (100 yard) plots in phase 1 is near around PKRs 30 million, while in DHA Lahore Phase 3, which is Home to some of the city most sought-after commercial real estate and same size of Commercial plots in that phase is near around PKRs 40 million.

However DHA Lahore phase 6 a newly developed phase of Defence housing authority Lahore, is the top expensive commercial area of DHA Lahore. According to our research, average price of 4-marla commercial plots in DHA Phase 6 Lahore is near around PKRs 55 million. This is showing a very big difference with the other same size commercial units in other phases of DHA Lahore. One of the main reasons of DHA Phase 6 Main Boulevard is showing a very high price and most desire able location for real estate investor in Lahore; DHA Lahore has recently moved its main office to phase 6 Commercial area. This trigger up the prices of dha phase 6 commercial zone.

DHA Phase 6 Main Boulevard is having only 4 marla commercial units. Property dealers want to be close to the DHA society office, and these 4-Marla units are perfect for them to set up their offices near to society office. Whereas these units don’t have enough space to accommodate the big size of organizations.

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